I’m from a beautiful mesmerizing city of Mumbai…. although when I left it was still Bombay….an amazingly vibrant & densely populated city on India’s west coast… which is also home to the glamorous “Bollywood” which needs no introduction..

My love affair with the camera started when I was as young at the age of 13 when clicking my family pictures was the most important part of our summer holidays… my dad would say its the last camera roll you get !!! And he would still end up giving me the next one just to nurture the talent he thought I might have….Then suddenly I grew up and found myself being a part of race with hurdles like education/ social status/relationships etc etc all to be very important and to be surmounted at a given point of time….. I lost my love of photography !!

Then one fine day…. after I crossed all the above hurdles successfully….set out to find my lost love Photography!! N rightly said… when you are stressed the most – you seek the company you love the most …. My hubby gifted me my first ever DSLR…. now its definitely no looking back & I promised myself to never ever let it go again… Hoping you will join me on this beautiful journey called life and allow me to capture some precious moments of our life together….

I am blessed & extremely happy to call this city of gold – Dubai as my home and I love capturing all these special moments with you… To all my lovely families yet to come.. I really can’t wait to meet you guys… Because all we have once time has gone by is cherished & treasured memories !!

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